Reasons to consider a Pre-Paid plan.

1.   Once paid, your family are safe from ANY price hike's in funeral services.

2.   Most men buy a PPFP because it makes financial sense.

3    Most women buy because they don't want their kids to get into debt.

4.   Eases financial burdens on the family left behind.

5    You get EXACTLY the service you want.

6.   Families are not left arguing over what you 'might' want. 

7.   Total Peace of Mind comes as standard with ALL plans. 

8.   Families DON'T have to pay one penny towards your funeral.

9.   ONE call is all your family need to do - we organise EVERYTHING else.

10. Pre-Paid funeral plans are actually CHEAPER than a funeral service!   

What happens if you do nothing

1.   Your children/spouse will pay for the service. 

2.   Average cost of a funeral today is £4000.

3.   The cost of funerals double (approx) every 10yrs.

4.   Over 90% of families would be forced into debt to bury a loved one.

5.   57% of people are approx £2500 short to bury a loved one.

6.   95% of 'Next of Kin' would struggle to organise a funeral.

7.   A funeral MUST be paid BEFORE your estate is settled.