Cost of Dying report 2019

The average cost of a basic funeral at £4,417, an increase of almost 4% since last year. The Report also highlights a ‘huge rise’ of 112% since tracking funeral pricing in 2004 when the average cost of a basic funeral was just £1,920.    

It also shows that the total cost of a funeral has risen to an all time high of £9,493 - this includes the funeral, extras such as send off and professional fees. 

Over the last 10 years, funeral costs have almost double, three times the rate of wage increases.

In another 10 years, that could rise to £8,700 and in 20 years, a staggering £14,000.

The costs associated with a basic funeral – funeral director services, cremation or burial, doctors’ fees, minister or celebrant – make up less than half of the overall cost of dying.  In addition, discretionary spending on things like a memorial, flowers, limousines and a wake, as well as the cost of hiring professionals to administer the estate the final price tag reported for 2017 is £8,905.

The report describes direct cremation as ‘the most affordable’ funeral option as it removes the costs associated with a service and allows the cremation to take place at a time of the day when crematorium fees are lower. The average cost of a typical direct cremation is £1,835, almost half the cost of a standard cremation. However a lot of families do not opt for this as there is NO farewell 'service'......... all the cremations are carried out 'out of hours'.  

One in nine families experienced financial problems when finding the money to pay for their loved ones’ funeral; on average, more than £3,000. This resulted in:

  • 27% borrowing money from a friend or relative

  • 23% putting funeral costs onto a credit card

  • 13% taking out a loan

  • Others had to negotiate an instalment plan

  • Even more had sold belongings to cover costs.  

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