Q.  Just what is a Pre-Paid funeral plan?

A. It is a way of ensuring our families do not spend one penny on our funeral at the time of their greatest suffering.. 

Most families will get into financial difficulties organising and paying for the funeral of their loved one's.  92% of adults in the UK are £2500 short of paying for an average funeral service and will go into debt to pay for one.  A pre-paid plan will take care of ALL future costs (no matter how long in the future we live) when the time is upon them. 


Listed below are just a FEW of the options you will be faced with when deciding what you want for your service.  This is in no way a full list of what you can actually have, it just gives an idea of the most popular things covered.   All providers are different and offer the basics, I'm totally independent and can offer EXACTLY what YOU want.  

I have had requests for:-

       Buried in a car - yes really. 

       White horse and black carriage.

       Motorcycle hearse.

       Orleans style brass band.

       Fancy dress wake.


Look at the list and begin to think of EXACTLY what you would like as your final statement of individuality - then ring me.  .