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Can your family afford to bury you?

In most cases (92% of Great Britain) the answer is an unequivocal "No!"


Because we live in a phase called the "Funeral poverty trap"

Here's how it works. Very few people (only 2 million in UK) have a Pre-Paid funeral plan in place. So when we die, our families are forced into paying for a funeral service. What do they do? They start Google-ing funeral directors, ministers, churches, registrar's, priests, car hire, florists and every one else associated with sending off the deceased. Because emotions are raw at this very emotional time, they get involved with 'shopping around' for the best deals (and by the way, family arguments over the deceased last wishes are really common).

Now before the service takes place, the undertaker(they like to be called Funeral Directors these days) needs paying. So even if there is money in the deceased's accounts, your not able to use it. The next of kin IS responsible for all the costs associated with this service. Government figures tell us the average cost of a funeral is approx £4000 (have you got that lying around?). However, I have not spoken to anyone in the last 2yrs who has paid less than £5-6000 for a service (have you got that lying around spare?)

Most adults in Great Britain are approximately £2500 short to pay for a loved one's funeral - so they go into debt to bury someone. Borrowing, credit cards or bank loans is not the best way to start mourning a loved one, but sadly it's the path most people choose. But only because they don'y know.

Here's the answer!

A Pre-Paid funeral plan can be arranged right now for less than £2000 and your family will NOT spend a penny upon your death. Call us now for a no obligation chat as to what is available.

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