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Burial or Cremation?

Cremations are so much more popular with today's society.

Approximately 75/25 split over being buried.

Having said that - do you know what service your parents want?

Do your children know what service you want?

With a Pre-Paid funeral plan everything is documented so there are clear instructions as to what you want to happen upon your death. Not only the kind of service, but things like how you wish to be carried to the service, what music to play, what your mourners will wear, where ashes will be scattered or kept.

Whatever the service chosen, there are costs to be met. These are normally called 3rd party disbursements and the funeral organiser (next of kin) is responsible for these. These are costs which fluctuate region by region, minister, priest and church or crematorium. With a Pre-Paid plan - these costs can be taken care of today.

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