Third party costs

Sometimes called disbursements, these are the costs or essential services: burial fees or cremation fees, plus the minister or officiant’s fee. They are outside the control of the funeral director but will be paid by them, to the third parties at the time of the funeral. Not all funeral plans include these costs, which means your family will still get a bill after the service.  Look for plans which include third party costs to avoid these unwanted bills. 

Burial plots

None of our plans include cost for a burial plot.  you may need to check and see if you have a family plot, or contact your council to organise a plot for future use.  

Is my money safe

All the money you pay for a pre paid funeral plan goes into a trust fund.  This trust will be backed by a major bank or financial institution, governed by the FCA, which will grow over the years to ensure the service you have chosen will be carried out.  Even if the funeral plan providers went bust - your monies are safe and the service will be carried out upon your death.